Education Programs



the Fire Plug
For the younger crowd, we are pleased to offer Pluggie the Fireplug!

Pluggie the Fireplug is an exciting tool for teaching fire safety.

He looks like an ordinary fire hydrant until his cap rises and he comes alive. His eyes light up, he moves around and teaches children about fire safety.

Pluggie is just the right size for teaching children because he can communicate with them at their level.

Hazard House

Hazard House Simulator

For the older students, NFD is proud to present the Hazard House Simulator. This is an incredible teaching tool, and has been used countless times with rave reviews from teachers and students alike.

The Hazard House Simulator is a three-dimensional, interactive, sight-and-sound driven model house designed to show all the potential dangers inside a typical residence, and how to fix them. The house sparks to show electrical problems, and even emits smoke to show how smoke travels in stairways and from floor to floor while you sleep.

The Hazard House Simulator is fully mobile, and is simply one of the most attention-grabbing teaching tools that are available.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Fire Extinguisher Training

If your group or business wants to learn the proper use of fire extinguishers in controlling incipient-stage fires, call us at (309) 454-9622 at least two weeks prior to your requested date of training.

We will give a presentation that will explain the different types of fires, how to select the proper extinguisher based on those fire types, and general rules for safely using extinguishers. Finally, everyone will get the opportunity to practice using a real portable extinguisher on a live fire.

We prefer to use the same type of extinguishers you have on hand at your facility so that your employees are familiar with the equipment they would have to use in an emergency. We also require a water source for filling and cooling our live fire pan.
Escape Ladder

Fire Drills and Evacuation Planning

Who better than to teach your employees about escaping a fire than the fire department?

We will present basic fire safety information, refresh on what we learned growing up about fire, debunk many myths and misconceptions about fire, and educate on how to properly protect you from a fire.

Survive Alive House

The Survive Alive House is a fully mobile, two-story residential structure equipped with state of the art special effects to simulate a real house fire. The entire focus of the program is teaching children how to safely exit their home when their smoke detector goes off.

HouseNon-toxic smoke allows the children to practice crawling low to safety. The house even has a bedroom door which can be warmed up on command so children can practice feeling the door for heat before they open it.
This program has been so successful that fire departments around the nation are applying it to their existing programs.

The Survive Alive experience is unique in that it includes not only classroom instruction, but hands-on involvement by the children. These experiences are generally very effective in teaching children, especially relating to areas requiring thinking and action in emergencies.